Upgrade WHM Soon 30 March

Upgrade WHM Soon

WHM (Web Host Manager) is a control dashboard that gives the user the ability to manage multiple cPanel-based sites. In this article, you're going to learn why you should use WHM and how it can be useful in websites management. What WHM Does? Create, Delete, or Suspend Accounts.

Why Use WHM (Web Host Manager)?

These are the key points why you should use WHM for managing multiple websites:

  1. Higher security for sites. A different cPanel for each site means that if one domain gets hacked, the others won’t be affected, thus making them more secure.
  2. Better management. You have the power to monitor all activity on your websites and jump between cPanels easily. WHM also allows you to adjust the bandwidth and disk space of each account.
  3. Reselling hosting. You can monetize your hosting by creating new cPanel accounts that people can buy.
  4. Unique cPanels for branding. For reselling purposes, a WHM interface can be changed to reflect your brand.

Monitoring Servers

All activity on your server can be tracked through WHM. For example, there is the Process Manager that registers all running process in the server.

Secondly, with the Service Manager, the owner can manage services and their background activities.

And last but not least, Current Disk Usage will inform about remaining storage and what it’s used for.

Set Several Hosting Packages

As the WHM account owner, you have the freedom to decide how you will divide the storage. This is useful when you want to provide various hosting packages at different prices.

What’s great is that you’re able to easily upgrade an existing domain without having to move all the files.

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